Captain Reese at the Docks

Starting a new project – a World of Trexlin Graphic Novel. The script is coming along well, and I’ve managed to secure artwork from the Marvel and DC artist Lou Manna.

A graphic novel is an intensive undertaking, so I will likely try and fund this via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In working on character concepts, I’ve done a few concept renders. The first is for Captain Reese who hails from the Port of Swords in the Empire of the Platinum Lion.

Captain Reese, who eventually becomes the Warden of the Sea – one of the Four great Wardens in the history of Trexlin is a bit of a scoundrel. He is glib, charismatic (and knows it), and deadly with the sword. He is a rogue and thief, but also fiercely loyal to those he commands and to tasks he undertakes.


iWatch – I Doubt it….

People who know me know that I’m an early adopter of tech. I like new tech devices, and enjoy testing them out. I’ve always been like this. Plus, I’m a big fan of Apple. My first computer was an Apple II back in 1976. I was an early adopter of the iPod touch, ┬áiPhone and iPad. However, I think I’m going to draw the line at the potential for an Apple Watch – or iWatch as I’ll call it.

For me, watches are not what I consider tech or a gadget. They are functional, but also serve a style purpose. There are a number of reasons why I won’t be one of the first in line if Apple does release a watch – and here are some reasons why:

1) Watch-faces are generally fairly small. An iPhone is about the smallest display I’ll be comfortable with to get data. If the watch is only conveying date/time and maybe location – then it would be sufficient – but I can’t imagine viewing images, weather, etc on a watch.

2) It will likely be somewhat expensive. They are going to need to focus sales at people with disposable income. If you have the disposable income – and are inclined to buy a watch, you are much more likely to go with a fashion statement watch (Rolex, Tag, Cartier, etc) – at least I am.

3) Unlike a cell phone, in today’s world you don’t need a watch – and a lot of people get by without one. Their phones not only have the time/date – but also offer all the smartphone advantages. Why would you need duplicative devices to carry around – one with a smaller screen.

I realize the watch market, globally, is large – but simply because their is a large global market doesn’t mean that it is ripe for an iDevice. Why not an iCar – that would make far more sense to me.

Just my thoughts.

Next Star Wars….Hamill and Fisher as Hutts?

I heard yesterday that everyone’s favorite farmer turned Jedi Mark Hamill has been approached to be in the next Star Wars installment – by Disney.

I remember seeing Star Wars the day it came out in May of 1977 when I was 13. It was awesome – and all of the characters were great.

Time hasn’t been kind to Luke and Leia.

cfisher mhamill

So- while I know they are in talks to appear in the next Star Wars installment, I have an idea….how about as the offspring of Jabba the Hutt. At least Disney could save a bundle on make-up….

New WoT Renders

I was in Germany this week, and had time to kill at night; and at the airport – so I worked on a couple of quick renders. Both of these feature items from Mec4D (Sinbad outfit, and the Huntsman). If you haven’t checked out Mec4D’s site – and you are interested in high quality 3D items, visit it at Mec4D.

The first render is a Zanne, with his trustee Safani (double bladed scimitar). I’ll need to work on the scimitar, as it was molded in Cheetah3D and then refined in Zbrush – so the polycount is far higher than it should be. The side ponytail of the Zanne was made in Garibaldi Express.


The second one is our frequent subject, a Quem warrior, having just defeated a scout from the city of Minersmead along the northern edge of Terrin’s Wood on the border of the Kingdom of the Black Forest.


As always, comments are welcome.